What the hell?

Kathryn Janeway hummed a little ditty to herself as she strolled down the corridor leading to the holodeck. She was in the mood for a little relaxation and could think of nothing more relaxing than a visit with the good old 'deck. Janeway instructed the computer to run program "MineMineNoOneElse's" and she smiled as the doors whooshed open.

Ensign Tom Paris sat at the helm control and looked down at his console. One of the buttons on the console smiled and waved shyly at him. Tom giggled and stroked the button.

Commander Chakotay was pacing back and forth in his quarters while waiting for B'Elanna to give him the latest from engineering. To occupy himself he was mentally listing the ways he rocked. He hoped to reach at least 50 before B'Elanna arrived. Just as he was finishing up "way I rock number 45" he heard the familiar boople of the computer alerting him that someone wanted to see him. Chakotay gave permission to enter and the doors parted revealing a large sheep. The sheep smiled bashfully.