Season Three...The Story Still Continues

SG-1 is exploring an abandoned Goa'uld building when they come across a room filled with corpses. Daniel finds a page turning device in the room but can't get it to work, so they take it back to Earth with them. Soon, Daniel begins to hallucinate and Dr Fraiser and Dr MacKenzie believe that Daniel has become schizophrenic and hypothesize that the Stargate may be the cause of it. Daniel is restricted from duty but while playing cards with Jack, he believes that he sees a Goa'uld enter his friend. Daniel jumps on Jack and attempts to get the Goa'uld out. As a result of this, Daniel is placed in a mental institute. When SG-1 comes to visit Daniel, he thinks that he sees a corpse behind them and runs towards them, Teal'c stops him and Daniel sees something enter Teal'c and then hears Ma'chello's voice before collapsing. Teal'c soon falls ill and shortly afterwards, Daniel appears to be well again. Eventually it is discovered that the page turning devices are fake and contain Goa'uld killing devices invented by Ma'chello. Carter is immune to them but Fraiser and Jack get infested as well. Sam uses the protein marker left in her blood by Jolinar to save Fraiser, Jack and Teal'c. And all is well again at the SGC.

Favourite Scenes:
*When Daniel opens his closet and finds a Stargate event horizon and then a corpse comes out of the horizon and grabs him. That scene creeped me out!

*Jack and Daniel playing cards. It was a nice chance to see Jack and Daniel interact.

*The scene when SG-1 visits Daniel in his padded cell. When Daniel apologizes for being "such a headcase" I started to cry. Great acting by both Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping as we see Carter start to tear up.

*The entire scene when Janet and Jack go insane and Sam works frantically to save them and Teal'c. I thought Teryl Rothery was wonderful as she complained that it was too hot and then despite being insane, could still think rationally enough to tell Sam to use the centrifuge.

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: Why are you the only one who can see them? Why didn't they come through my closet...aside from the fact that yours is cleaner?

Daniel: Jack?
Carter: It's us, Daniel. Can you see us?
Daniel: I was just making sure you weren't figments of my...mind. They took away my glasses in case I broke the lenses and tried to, ah, hurt myself.

Daniel: Yeah. I'm sorry.
O'Neill: For what?
Daniel: For being such a head case.
Carter: It's not your fault, Daniel.

O'Neill: I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say or do that could be construed as offensive as I slowly go NUTS!!!
Fraiser: Likewise, Colonel.

It's the return of the quantum mirror from "There But For The Grace of God"! The mirror was placed in storage, but some travellers come through it. It's Major Kawalsky (who's dead is this reality) and Samantha Carter. Samantha Carter has long hair (which doesn't suit her at all) and was married to Jack. Jack is dead though, he died defending their SGC. This was a very shippy episode, and should not be missed!!

Favourite Scenes:
*The scene near the beginning when Jack sees AU Carter with long hair and says "What happened to you?"
*The scene where SG-1 was watching Dr Carter's taped interrogation. Sam's reaction to her other self and Jack's reaction to Dr Carter saying "oh for crying out loud!" were excellent.
*The entire scene with Samantha gazing at the picture of her and Jack and Jack coming in to tell her that she's been allowed to stay. I've seen this episode three times now and I've never been so affected by this scene before. I found myself crying and feeling awed by both Amanda Tapping and Rick's performances. The shippy music (shipper's will know what I'm talking about!) made an appearance here.
*The scene immediately after the one above. Jack meets up with Carter in the corridor, she was just coming to see Samantha. You can see that Jack looks at his Carter differently now. It was also nice to see that Jack was willing to listen to Carter for a few hours when he asked her how she was doing with all of "this".
*Gotta love the two Carters getting excited about tackling the device to supplement the power to the Stargate!
*All of the scenes in the alternate reality were good. I loved General Hammond, Don did a great job with him. Several scenes stick out in my mind though, one when Daniel was trying to get the correct reality and he thinks he's found it and is waving to the Carter on the other side when he notices that she's still a Captain. I thought it was amusing...Another scene was Kawalsky telling Jack that he thinks he and Carter make a pretty cute couple and the final scene is, of course, the kiss. It was so tender and heart breaking. I loved Carter's reaction to it from the other side of the mirror.

Favourite Lines:
Samantha: Oh for crying out loud....

Carter: Oh my God, this is too weird.
O'Neill: Yeah. How 'bout the hair?

Carter: Uh...Air Force.
Samantha: I can't imagine that, going military.
Carter: Wow. I can't imagine not.

O'Neill: Well, the combined IQ of Earth might go up a few points having two Carters around.

O'Neill: I take it where you're from we were ...
Samantha: Married.

Samantha: Plus your hair is kinda growing on me. Pardon the pun.

Samantha: You have to understand, my Jack had the same face, same voice, same hands.
O'Neill: Which brings to mind an obvious could you marry such a loser.

SG-1 returns from a mission sopping wet, escorted to the infirmary and told of a hazardous materials spill. Janet and her nurses give SG-1 injections which cause them to pass out. Teal'c wakes up thanks to Junior and hears Fraiser and Hammond discussing plans to invade the SGC and that neither he nor Carter can be used by the aliens. Oh no! The SGC is being taken over by aliens that look and talk exactly like the humans! Teal'c wakes up Carter and helps her escape. Once out, Carter contacts Maybourne but Maybourne is also contacted by Hammond who tells him that Carter is delusional because she was exposed to a chemical spill. Carter is taken by Jack and Daniel but she soon finds out that they are not what they appear to be. Eventually all is sorted out and the aliens, once exposed to a sound at a certain frequency, revert back to their alien state. Some aliens manage to escape through the Stargate, but the rest blow up.

Favourite Scenes:
*Woo hoo! Jack undoing his pants! Oh yeah!
*I liked the scene at the cafe when Jack and Daniel come to take Carter back to the SGC.
*The scene when Jack gets gets flustered over unbuttoning Janet's blouse! Oh wait..I'm not a Jack/Janet shipper...darn..
*Gotta love the scene when Carter (as Daniel) comes into the room where Jack and Major Davis are.

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: Just rain. Much rain, wind, lightning, hail. Did I mention the rain, sir?

Fraiser: Loosen your belt please, Colonel.

O'Neill: Listen, really jam it in this time, okay?

Carter: Maybourne, you are an idiot every day of the week. Why couldn't you have just taken one day off?!

O'Neill: I pulled that headband thing off of Fraiser, her evil twin came running.

I'll admit, this is a *really* bad episode but it's so funny! SG-1 goes through the gate, only to return 15 hours with no memory of the past hours. Dr Fraiser checks them out and says they're in perfect health. At the debriefing though, all SG-1 members drink coffee and pronounce it better than usual. The MALP image has been analyzed and found to contain an odd scene. Fraiser then comes up with something troubling, there appears some sort of implant in their brains. SG-1 is put into a quarantine room where they meet Urgo. Urgo wants to experience things through them and can enhance their enjoyment of things. Dom DeLuise is perfect as Urgo and while a rather silly episode, it is enjoyable.

Favourite Scenes:
*SG-1 enjoying the coffee! I loved Teal'c picking up of the entire urn and drinking it!
*Jack eating the pie and then the rest of SG-1 joins him and stuff their faces!
*In the infirmary, when Urgo wants to know what a defibrillator. is and tells Teal'c to pick up the paddles!
*Sam walking down the corridor talking to Urgo and she encounters Hammond and Janet. It's amusing to see Sam talking to herself.
*Row Row Row Your Boat..need I say more?

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: Isn't that hot?
Teal'c: Extremely.

O'Neill: Apparently all desserts on base are in grave danger.

Daniel: Woof?

Carter: I don't have time to play, Urgo. I don't care if I'm 'it'. Because I have work to do. No I am not hungry, look, go eat pie with Colonel O'Neill. I'm very busy right now.

Fraiser: Well then, Urgo, Major Carter would very much like to be left alone.
Carter: Janet, as much as I appreciate it, please. Urgo that is rude.
Friaser: What did he say?

O'Neill: I was not singing. I'd know if I was singing. I don't even know the words to 'Row, row...'(Fraiser plays a recording of them singing on the TV). Okay, if you call that singing.

SG-1 gates to a planet with a huge Mayan pyramid is, inside is a crystal skull. After looking into the skull's eyes, Daniel disappears. In order to try and find out what happened to him, the rest of SG-1 visits Daniel's grandfather, Nicholas Ballard who lives in a mental institute. He once found a skull exactly like this one in Belize and claimed he was transported to see aliens. SG-1 goes back to the planet, with Nick and they meet some giant alien (voiced by Christopher Judge). Nick remains on the planet to learn about their culture and Daniel becomes visible again.

Favourite Scenes:
*The scene in the infirmary when Jack decided he's tired of laying around. It's funny to see him fall to floor and then I love how Teal'c picks him up and drops him, face first back onto the bed.
*The scene when SG-1 goes to talk to Nick Ballard. It's interesting to see Daniel's reaction to his grandfather.
*General Hammond talking to his granddaughter Kayla on the phone. It's a very sad scene in some ways. General Hammond rarely gets such a good scene.
*I liked the scene when Nick goes to speak with General Hammond telling him that Daniel is in the room right now. Jack's reaction to "Jack, don't be an ass" is excellent!

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: Hey, if you'd been listening you'd know that Nintendos pass through everything.

Fraiser: You can protest all you want, Colonel, but it'll be awhile before you get your strength back so relax.
O'Neill: Oh, come on...
Fraiser: Ah! Doctor's orders.
O'Neil: Napoleonic power monger. News?

O'Neill: Look, I'm sick of layin' around. Help me up.
Teal'c: Dr. Fraiser believes you are not strong enough to undertake such a mission.
O'Neil: Yeah, whatever.
Teal'c: Dr. Fraiser is usually correct in such matters.
O'Neill: Thank you.
Teal'c: You are welcome, O'Neill.

Rothman: Teleportation device? I...what do you think?
Siler: I think you're going to get fired.

Nick: Forgive me. He insisted. Daniel is here.
Hammond: Here?
Daniel: Repeat what I'm saying. I'm standing right beside you.
Nick: Standing right beside me.
O'Neill: He's lost a few pounds.
Daniel: Jack, don't be an ass.
Nick: Jack, don't be an ass.
O'Neill: Daniel?