Season Two...The Story Continues....

Captain Carter, while attempting to save a villager, makes the mistake of doing CPR without proper protection, as a result she becomes possessed by a goa'uld. But it turns out that it's as bad as it could have been, the goa'uld known as Jolinar is a member of the Tok'ra, a rebel goa'uld faction who are against the System Lords. This episode is a great one for Amanda Tapping. It also has some excellent Jack angst and Cassandra made an appearance.

Favourite Scenes:
*The scene when Sam goes to visit Cassie in Janet's office and they hug but then Cassie senses that she's a Goa'uld
*The scene when Jack is called to the hospital and talks to Cassie is wonderful. Jack interacts so nicely with children.
*I loved that scene in the gateroom when Jack walks in and tries to tranquilize Carter but she's not knocked out by it, so she kicks his ass and threatens everyone with a grenade! KickAss!Carter!
*The interrogation scene. Ooooooooooo yeah. Nicely done by both RDA and Amanda. The passionate pleas by Jolinar to Jack in Sam's voice were chilling.
*The final scene when Cassie gets up on Sam's bed in the infirmary and tells her that she's going to be okay. I love those two together.

Favourite Lines:
Fraiser: Cassandra's been asking about you.
Carter: Cassandra. Yeah. I've been so busy lately.
Fraiser: She understands.

O'Neill: Cas, Sam loves you. She'd never do anything to hurt you.
Cassandra: She would now.
O'Neill: Why?
Cassandra: She's a Goa'uld.

Carter: Oh, God. He's telling you the truth! Please, Jack! No, Jack, please! Don't leave me! Please! Give me a chance! Don't leave me like this! Please!

O'Neill: You did it, Sam. You won.
Carter: Wasn't me.
O'Neill: Oh yes it was. You hung in there, you beat it.
Carter: The Goa'uld gave its life for me. It saved me.

The Fifth Race
Basically the story is that Jack becomes really really smart, even smarter than Carter and begins to speak an alien language, the language of the Ancients, after being grabbed by an alien device. Jack enters many new Stargate addresses and builds a little device which supplements the power to the Stargate and allows them to add an eighth chevron. This new eighth chevron sends Jack off to the Asgard homeworld, where they remove the new information from his mind and tell him of a once powerful alliance of four great races in the galaxy. It turns out that humans are now well on their way to becoming "The Fifth Race"

Favourite Scenes:
*The Jack and Teal'c boxing scene. It was amusing :)

*The scene when Daniel shows Jack the tape of Sam trapped on the very hot planet. The look on Jack's face says it all. Jack knows that he has to save her and sets to work drawing up plans. I love the note to Daniel and Janet, "Shut up and go away"

*Any scene with Daniel and Janet together!

*I love the Asgard scene towards the end. The alien extending his (her?) hand to Jack was wonderful.

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvus with me. What?
Daniel: You just said there's nothing cruvus with you.

Hammond: What are you doing?
O'Neill: I don't know, Sir. You know me and computers.
Hammond: Colonel, I'm ordering you to stop.
O'Neill: I'd love to, Sir, but I can't.

Asgard #2: You have already taken the first steps to becoming the fifth race.

SG-1 gates to a planet where they find Ma'chello (which reminds me of a joke I read a while back...Ma' cello..anyways..) an old man with many strange objects to fight the Goa'uld. SG-1 brings Ma'chello (played by Michael Shanks) back to Earth because he's very ill but it turns out that he's switched bodies with Daniel. Hilarity ensues as Ma'chello wanders the streets in the body of Daniel Jackson. However, Daniel is trapped inside a dying body. A whole lotta body switching occurs and eventually everyone is back where they should be.

Favourite Scenes:
It's been a while..I'm adding this episode to my list of ones to rewatch!

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: Alright. Describe for me the dress your sister wore last week when I took her out.
Daniel (in Machello): I don't have a sister, Jack, and if I did I wouldn't let you near her.

Teal'c (in O'Neill): If I am to remain in this body, I must shave my head.

Machello: Thank you for my holiday.

General Hammond gives Carter a secret note just before SG-1 embarks on another mission, it is a secret love letter or something far more sinister? We soon find out as something goes awry and SG-1 finds themselves in the 1969. They are taken into custody and find themselves on their way to New Mexico accompanied by a young lieutenant who finds the note from General Hammond in Carter's pocket. Turns out that this lieutenant is George Hammond and the note is from his future self telling himself to help SG-1. He does and SG-1 escapes. Now they are left with nothing but some dates and times of solar flares and it's all very confusing. Some people are met and words are exchanged. Suffice it to say, they get back to the present time but not without sporting some very groovy clothing!

Favourite Scenes:
*sighs* Another one to rewatch...

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: You know, this looks suspiciously like the butt end of a Titan missile.

Thornbird: I'm Major Robert Thornbird. And you are?
O'Neill: Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.

O'Neill: Ooh. Alright. I'll be honest with you, Bob. My name's not Kirk. It's Skywalker. Luke Skywalker.

O'Neill: There's one in Antarctica.
Daniel: There's one in Antarctica. That's...that's a fabulous plan.

Hammond: It's going to be a long debriefing, people. We'll start in one hour.
O'Neill: Yes, Sir.
Hammond: Oh, by the way, Colonel, with interest you owe me $539.50.
O'Neill: Yes, Sir.