Season One...The Story Begins...

I like Doctor Fraiser and this episode was her first appearance. I'm saying that this episode was really *good* because I've included it with my favourites, but I found it fascinating. Basically the story of this episode is, SG-1 brings back a virus that, when it infects humans, causes them to revert to a neanderthal state.

Favourite Scenes:
*The locker room scene. Uh, hello, I am a Sam/Jack shipper!
*The scene in Jack's isolation room when Janet's in there and Jack grasps Janet's face. I found the interaction between those two characters to be interesting.
*The 'Lucy, I'm home!' scene.

Favourite Lines:
O'Neill: Carter! Ah, sorry, I didn't know you were in here. What the hell is going on?!
Carter: I want you.
O'Neill: Why? I didn't know! Carter, you're little out of line. Don't ya think?
Carter: Don't you want me?
O'Neill: No, no, not like this! Carter, what's gotten into you?! I think it's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor.

O'Neill: No, she, uh, tried to seduce me.
Daniel: Oh. You...poor man.

O'Neill: Lucy! I'm home!
Teal'c: I am not Lucy.

O'Neill: Daniel, you dog. Keep this up you'll have a girl on every planet.

O'Neill: Sure. If it doesn't heal properly you'll never wear that sweet little tank top number again.

This episode was fun. We got to see Sam and Janet along with the women of the SGC kick some ass! The story of this episode is that Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music, turns up at Cheyenne Mountain, drawn to the Stargate. She's able to control the minds of males and turns them into her protectors. She uses DNA from Daniel and begins to produce goa'uld larvae.

Favourite Scenes:
*The seduction scene. Janet was hilarious!
*Sam knocking General Hammond out, then worrying about her career.

Favourite Lines:
Daniel: Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music.
O'Neill: Sex, drugs, and Rock 'N Roll?
Daniel: In a manner of speaking, yeah.

Hathor: You, with the crown of marble.

Carter: Yep. Well, Mama said there'd be days like this.
Fraiser: Really? My ex-husband said that. 'Are you out of your mind, honey buns? There is a reason they call it 'this man's army.'

Fraiser: Gentlemen, there are five women in here, very alone.
Carter: Why do I feel like I'm in a women behind bars movie?

Carter: Um, let's just say you were wounded. Wow, it's a miracle.
O'Neill: Crunches.

SG-1 gates to a planet to witness an eclipse and look at a black hole, when they get to the planet they find everyone dead, except for a young girl. The girl attaches herself to Sam and she is taken back to Earth. It is soon found that the girl, Cassandra, has a device in her chest that will soon detonate, destroying the SGC. This device was put in her by the goa'uld Nurti. SG-1 takes Cassandra to an abandoned nuclear complex, where the device can safely explode.

Favourite Scenes:
*Now I am NOT a Daniel/Sam shipper but I found the scene where Daniel tells Sam that she doesn't have to do it alone very touching.
*The entire scene at the nuclear test site. I can't watch Sam leave Cassandra and break down in the elevator without tears streaming down my face.
*The happy park scene at the end. I loved Jack giving Cassandra the dog.

Favourite Lines:
Carter: I know I'm supposed to be detached.
Daniel: Who said that?
Carter: Sometimes I forget you're not military.

Carter: Colonel, I'm staying.
O'Neill: Negative.
Carter: Colonel, she's awake.
Daniel: Oh god.

O'Neill: We have a rule here on Earth. Every kid has got to have a dog. This is a dog. And he's yours.

This episode is 'must see' for any Sam/Jack shipper. Sam and Jack end up trapped in Antarctica when the Stargate sends them there rather than back to the SGC. Jack is seriously injured and Sam must do her best to try and repair the DHD and get them home.

Favourite Scenes:
I can't pick any favourite scenes! I liked the whole thing!

Favouite Lines:
O'Neill: I think I cracked a rib, too.
Carter: Why didn't you say something?
O'Neill: I was afraid you'd try to put a splint on it.

Carter: Err. Colonel?
O'Neill: It's my side arm, I swear.

O'Neill: Sam.
Carter: Yes Sir.
O'Neill: It was an honour serving with you.

Daniel discovers an alien artifact that is a quantum mirror and is transported to an alternate reality. In this alternate reality he finds the SGC being invaded by Goa'ulds led by Teal'c. In that reality, Daniel Jackson never joined the Stargate program and Sam, who isn't military, is engaged to Jack.

Favourite Scenes:
Urgh, I hate to say this, but I haven't seen this episode in a while and I don't recall any particular scenes!

Favourite Lines:
Daniel: That is Teal'c. Big guy, gold emblem on his head and Goa'uld in his stomach.

Alternate Carter: Jack...
Alternate O'Neill: Come here.
Alternate Catherine: I take it they're not engaged in your reality.
Daniel: No...

On to Season Two...