[Window of Opportunity: Jack takes some time off on a loop to show Carter how he really feels about her!]

In case you don't know who Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill are (and if you don't...why are you here?!) I'll tell you! They are characters from the television series, Stargate SG-1 and only the best couple on tv! They aren't *really* together, but they have admitted to having feelings for each other. The problem (and of course there has to be a problem) is that Jack is Sam's superior and their relationship is forbidden in the USAF.

I've written a few Sam/Jack fanfics that I think I could post here:

Mo Gradh This was my first attempt at writing Stargate fanfic! A mission goes wrong when Carter falls ill. (56 kb)

Shopping For Sam This is supposed to be bad! Honestly! (6 kb)

The Act of Fishing A short fic based on Sam's refusal to go fishing with Jack in "The Curse" (5 kb)

Finding the Christmas Spirit The obligatory Christmas story :) (3 kb)

Stargazing Sam and Jack do some stargazing. (5 kb)

But A Dream A fast forward on Sam's life, Sam remembers. (4 kb)

The Cliche Series: Part One Sam invites Jack to her high school reunion! (23 kb)

The Cliche Series: Part Two Sam meets a special someone online. (19 kb)

Eligible Bachelors The SGC needs money so a fundraiser is held. (10 kb)

Star Wars and Lacy Brassieres An alternate take on a scene from Ascension. (5 kb)

Terra Nova A Fail Safe what if? What if Carter couldn't repair the cargo ship? (90 kb)

Nothing Gold Can Stay Huge spoilers for Meridian, do not read this if you haven't seen that episode or don't want to be spoiled! (4 kb)

Be Alright Spoilers for Meridian and Revelations (Season five finale) An epilogue for Revelations (7 kb)

Totality They fought the good fight. (3 kb)

The Scrapbook When a mother is lost, a son must remember. (3 kb)

Toasting the Plant Sam does some drinkin' and some thinkin'. (6 kb)

Someday After the death of her father, Jack takes Sam to his cabin. (49 kb)

An Ephemeral Marriage Work-in-Progress. Sam and Jack go undercover as a married couple to investigate a possible Goa'uld living in small town USA. Currently at fifteen chapters (217 kb)