Here's a little known fact, the actors from Stargate SG-1 do appear in things other than Stargate! No one was as shocked as I to discover this! Here's a list of other projects that I've seen the actors in. I know there are waaaaay more than what I've seen but I can give you my expert opinion on those that I have seen :-) If you are curious about what each actor has been in, might I suggest this site, The Internet Movie Database, just type in the name you want and voila, a (pretty much) complete listing of all their various works! Anyway, now on with the show!

The Minute Pass Commercial! I love this commercial! I don't care that it doesn't apply to me because I'm Canadian, I love this commercial! I was watching Star Trek on TNN one day, and I rarely actually watch commercials, but I heard this voice and I thought 'I know that voice' So I looked at the tv and started doing a happy dance! I'd assumed that I wouldn't see that commercial because I live in Canada. Rick looks so good in this ad, he smiles, a lot!

Rick does another Minute Pass commercial that I saw the other night. He looks so damn gorgeous in this one!

Flipping through channels one day, I came across the episode of Andromeda that Michael guest starred in. I'd never seen Andromeda before in my life, but I stayed there and watched it for a bit. I eventually tired of it, because I had no clue what was going on and besides, I'm not a huge fan of Michael there.

Let's start with the X-Files episode, Avatar shall we. I haven't seen this episode since I became a fan of Stargate, but I do remember it from a number of years ago. I thought Amanda was pretty, and that's about all I remember!

Next we have the Advil commercial. This commercial ran EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK several years back. I was ready to shoot that nice lady in the doctor's office and those two little boys who ran about mucking around with stuff. Then, one day last year, I found out that the nice lady was Amanda Tapping...and oh what I wouldn't give to see that commerical again!

Okay, so I'm the biggest loser in the world: I watched all the commercials I had on tape from 1995-1997 to see if I could find one of Amanda's commercials. I found one though, so it was worth it! I have an ad for Advil! Not the one with the boys in the office, but the other one.

A couple months ago, the television movie "The Haunting of Lisa" was replayed on one of the channel that I get. I didn't even know Amanda was in this movie until, well until she appeared on the screen. My mom was like 'isn't that Amanda Tapping? You know, from that show?' I was like, 'Well I kinda sounded like her, but she's all blurry and stuff.' Sadly, most of Amanda's role in this movie was kinda blurry, but hey she was an angel, so I guess it makes sense..right?

I'm kind of embarrased about this one, but last week, the movie "Booty Call" was on tv. By this time, I've memorized Amanda's filmography so I knew that she was in the movie. I sat through an hour and a half of this movie which SUCKED ASS before Amanda appeared on screen as some doctor who said a few things then got hit on by one of the main characters, Bunz. Why oh why did you ever lower yourself to appearing in this movie Amanda?!

Uhm, me Christopher can only be Teal'c...

Don made a couple of appearances on the X-Files as the father of Agent Dana Scully. I've seen his episode, "Beyond the Sea" recently and enjoyed it very much! Scully's dad dies (very sad) and Don does a wonderful job portraying him. His other episode "One Breath" I missed seeing for some reason!

The Canadian government must have thought that Canadian didn't know enough about Canadian history, so they came up with these blurbs approx a minute long that run on CBC and teach Canadians about their history. My memory might be deceiving me (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong) but I think Don appeared in one of these! I think Don played an American who tried to bring guns and shoot stuff in Canada and he was stopped by some Mountie who was extra special. I haven't seen this particular 'part of our heritage' for several years, so I'm really not sure about this!

Anywho, I was at the British Columbia museum in Victoria a couple year ago and went on this whee! fun undersea expedition thing. It was kind of an interactive presentation about William Beebe's trip into the depths of the ocean in a round submarine thing. I remember seeing Don in the movie they ran along with it and laughing my ass off. Don't ask why...

"Look Who's Talking" ah, what a delightful movie...I've seen this movie several times, lord knows why. Last time I saw it was several months ago and I vaguely recall seeing Don and saying 'Look, it's General Hammond!'

"Best in Show" I rented this movie last week, I heard it was good and besides it had Don, Teryl (more on that further down the page), the sexy Colin Cunningham (Major Davis) and Jay Brazeau (Harlan) in it. Don played a dog show judge. I thought he played the part really well. Very convincing. I think I've been to the place that the dog show was held. The movie was filmed in Vancouver and it looked suspiciously like the coliseum that I saw the Super Dogs show in during the 2001 PNE.

Ah, Saturday afternoon movies, gotta love them. I was checking out the tv listings and saw that the movie "Alaska" was on. I was pretty sure that Don had been in that movie so I sat there and stared at the tv until he appeared. He played someone dude in the army, he sounded exactly like General Hammond!

Saving the best for last...

I love Teryl Rothery, can I just say that? I love everything about her. She is the sweetest woman who truly appreciates her fans, I love her for that. When I saw her on Stargate as Janet Fraiser, I loved her. I would love to meet her someday but alas...*ahem* Anyway....

The X-Files!! I loved Teryl's appearance on this show! I saw it just a few days ago and was VERY impressed. Teryl played Michelle Charters, a nurse at Excelsius Dei (also the title of the ep) who claims to have been raped by an invisible entity. Michelle was a bit of a bitch and I enjoyed watching Teryl play her that way.

I'm an on again and off again fan of country music, so I do watch CMT on occasion. Now on one such occasion I saw a video by Rick Tippe called "Keepin' The Faith" The woman in the video looked suspiciously like Teryl. So I checked it out with Teryl (on her message board) and sure enough, it was her! Turns out that Teryl's a country music fan. I've seen that video several times now and I really love the song. It's a song about a woman named Norma who finds out that she has cancer. It's very inspirational and Teryl did a great job of portraying Norma in the video.

A couple weeks ago I was flipping channels (yes, I do that quite often, it's a hobby of mine) and I flipped to MuchMoreMusic which was airing the Chris Isaak Show. I remembered reading that Teryl did a guest spot on this show and wondered if the episode that was on could possibly be the one that Teryl was in. And it was! I really enjoyed what I saw, but I couldn't watch it long, my mom and I had a movie on pause and my mom came back into the living room and said, 'Isn't that the woman from Stargate, the one with the funny name?' I said, 'Mom, her name's Teryl Rothery, I think she's got a pretty name but we can go back to the movie now.' So the Chris Isaak Show didn't stay on very long in this household.

Yesterday the episode of First Wave that Teryl appeared in aired on Space channel. Here's another sci-fi series that I have never before seen. But I love Teryl so much that I put up with it and watched the whole thing. Of course it helped that she was in almost every scene! Teryl played a psychiatrist who was really an alien (I think) I like her in those dress suits, they should let Janet where those instead of that big white lab coat...

"Best in Show" I loved Teryl's (very) small part! She played a host of a morning television program who was interviewing one of the couples. She's always such a joy to see anywhere!

I caught 30 minutes of a movie Teryl was in "Dead Man's Gun" Teryl played Ariadne, the wife/assistant of a sharp shooter in a travelling show. I loved the costumes she wore, they suited her so nicely! I wish I could have seen all of it, but my parents came home and we had to have dinner. Jay Brazeau was also in this movie.

Glory Days. I've watched only one episode of this show, and that was to see Teryl! Teryl plays Mrs Bowers, the mother of a teen boy who is accused of pushing his father off a ferry. Turns out that Mrs Bowers and some teacher were actually responsible for her husband's death.

Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story. This was on tv several months ago and I completely forgot that I'd watched it! Teryl played the wife of the man who had set up cameras in his neighbour's home. Excellent movie, very shocking that anyone would invade someone's privacy like that, but this movie was based on Susan Wilson's true story.