What? This can't be right! You want to know about me? Hmmm..let me see what I can tell you...
Name: Kathleen "Kate" Anderson
Birthdate: March 14, 1983
Place of birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
City of current residence: Langley, BC, Canada
Height: 5'10
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

That enough info? Maybe a little too much? Ah well...
Interested in knowing what some of my favourites are?? Kathleen's Favourites

I love television. I am fascinated by the characters and the actors. I'm a chronic shipper! Currently my favourite show is Stargate SG-1 but I also watch Third Watch (Bosco/Faith), ER (Carter/Abby) and Enterprise (no ship yet *sniffle*)

So I live in a suburb of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Seeing as I get asked this whenever a Stargate fans finds this little piece of information out, yes, I have met some of the actors and no, I have not seen them filming anywhere. If you want to find out who I've met and where, please click here.

However, that's not to say that I haven't seen the Bridge Studios where they film that ever wonderful show. One day, I got bored. I looked outside and saw the car, gleaming in the carport. I thought, hmm..now there's a car...I know how to drive a car..and before I knew it, I was zooming off down the road heading for the Trans Canada highway! I've only driven that highway once before, and that was going the opposite way. I was busy freaking out as I drove over the Port Mann and thinking 'I should have looked at a map before I left' But I swear, it was like something was guiding me and I found myself taking an exit that led me straight to Boundary Road and the studios. I walked all around them, peering through cracks in the hedges and trying to look nonchalant as I past by the guard in the little booth several times. It was exhilarating. I've since been back several times.

Now you might me asking yourself...if you live in Vancouver, have you ever been to Gatecon? The answer to that is yes. I recently attended Gatecon 2002 and I had a great time. I'm unable to post any pictures as my scanner is acting up, so you're going to have to use your imaginations here! I met a lot of actors, the ones that really stick out in my mind are Amanda Tapping, Teryl Rothery, Colin Cunningham and Suanne Braun.