My apologies to anyone reading that this part took so long to get done. Real life reared its ugly head and kept me away from the keyboard for the better part of the last two weeks.
I did, however, get the opportunity to meet the fabulous Colin Cunningham, Amanda Tapping and JR Bourne. I'm going to dedicate this story to them!

Jack slowly lifted his head off the couch cushion. His eyes hurt, his ears hurt, his arms hurt, even his nostrils felt a little out of sorts. He wondered for a moment why he seemed to have been sleeping slumped over when he clearly, well maybe not so clearly, remembered laying down on the couch when he and Daniel arrived home last night. He thought about that for a moment and a mental picture of Janet came to mind. It disturbed Jack a bit that in this mental picture, Janet was topless.

Meanwhile in a bedroom, Daniel rolled over and fell off the bed. He opened his eyes and got a larger than life view of the carpet. Daniel's head was throbbing and he tried to push himself off the floor and crawl back onto the bed. He groaned and stood up, swaying from side to side.

Sam and Janet had loaded up the dog into a garbage bag and had dragged in into the house. Janet saw Jack coming to life on the couch and went over to him, leaving Sam to contend with the bag. Jack was sitting on the couch, with his head buried in his hands. At the sound of Janet's voice, Jack peered through his fingers at her. Everytime he looked at her, he saw her topless. He sincerely hoped that he hadn't done anything inappropriate in his drunken state. Although Jack liked to think that if he'd ravished anyone, it was Sam.

"Colonel O'Neill? How are you feeling?" Janet asked, her voice filled with concern.

"Like I got run over by a cement truck." replied Jack, his voice cracking.

"I've taken a sample of yours and Daniel's blood. I'm running some tests on them right now. We're going to find out what happened to you sir."

"I need a bath." Jack said and then he tried to stand up. He swayed a bit and Janet reached out to steady him. Jack looked over in Sam's direction. Sam was standing with the bag at her feet.

"What's in the bag Sam?" Jack asked, hoping that she and Janet hadn't killed anyone.

"A dead dog. You remember that dog we saw at the park? Well, it's dead now."

"Weird." Jack said and headed down the hall towards the bathroom, something he distinctly remembered already doing that day.

Janet watched Jack leave and turned to Sam. "I don't think he recalls walking in on me earlier."

Sam raised her eyebrows, "That's probably for the best."

"I wonder if Daniel's awake as well."

As if in response to Janet's question, a muffled thud was heard from the direction of the bedroom.

"I'll take that as a yes." Janet said. "I"d better go check on him too."

Sam nudged the garbage bag with her foot, "What did you want to do with this?"

"Oh, can you take it downstairs? Depending on how the test results look, I may want to examine the body."

Sam shuddered at the thought of Janet doing an autopsy on the dog in her basement, but took the bag downstairs anyway.


"Oh my God, this is unbelievable!" shrieked Janet.

"What is?" Sam asked, yelling down the steps.

"The results of the tox screen! Come down here."

Sam glanced at Janet and Daniel, who were both picking at cereal at the table and went downstairs. Janet was standing in front of a table covered with various machines.

"Come here and take a look at this print out." Janet said, waving a piece of paper.

Sam took the paper and read through it. Most of it looked like mumbo jumbo to her, but her eyes caught the word naquada.

"Those are the results of the tests I did on the dog's blood."

"There was naquada in the dog's blood?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Trace amounts of it."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, it could mean that the dog was injected with some sort of naquada compound, or it could mean that this dog once carried a symbiont."

Sam's eyes widened, "A Goa'uld?"

"There's no way to know for sure, but if it did..."

Janet picked up another sheet of paper, "These are the results of the Colonel's tox screen. There is still alcohol in his bloodstream, but not lethal levels of it. There also appears to be some sort of other compound. I don't know what it is though. Daniel's shows the same thing."

Sam was still thinking about the naquada in the dog's blood. "What if there is someone out there, putting Goa'ulds into animals?"

"I'm not sure what they would be trying to accomplish." Janet said, "I was under the impression that a Goa'uld required a host capable of higher level brain functions."

"But think about Janet. We could have animals that ruthlessly attack people. Maybe the Goa'ulds could even make an animal more intelligent."

Janet shrugged, "I suppose that's possible, but it still doesn't make sense to me."

"Someone is trying to engineer a Goa'uld that can easily infiltrate human lives."

Janet set the papers down on the table and took the one away from Sam. "I find that to be a little far-fetched. I think it's much more plausible that there is a rogue Goa'uld out there, performing experiments on the population of Earth's animals, not necessarily trying to implant a Goa'uld into them, but maybe just seeing how they react."

Sam sighed, "Either way, we have to find out who's doing this. Someone must have access to Goa'uld larvae."

"It could be Stan."

"Or it could be someone working with Stan."

Upstairs the doorbell rang. "It's probably Bonnie." Sam said and started upstairs.


"Hi Lisa!" Bonnie said brightly.

"Bonnie." Sam said with a smile.

"I know you said that you were having company, but I just thought I'd drop by and say hi. I'd like to meet your visitors too, if they're here."

Sam looked behind her and spied Janet lurking behind a corner. She waved her over. "Yes, they're here. This is my sister-in-law Raylene."

Janet stood beside Sam and held out her hand, Bonnie took it and shook it. "Nice to meet you Raylene. I'm Bonnie, I live down the street a bit."

"Lisa's told me about you." Janet said with a smile. "I'd love for you to meet my husband, Patrick, but he and Charles had a bit of a late night last night. They're not feeling very well I'm afraid."

"Out with Stan were they?" Bonnie asked.

Sam nodded, "Yes, I don't think Stan's being a very good influence on Charles."

"Stan's a good guy." Bonnie said, "He just likes to have fun every once in a while. Has Charles had any luck with a job yet?"

"I'm afraid not. It seems that no one is hiring."

"Where is it you're from Raylene?" Bonnie asked, gazing at Janet.

"Patrick and I live in Colorado."

"Oh, so you've come quite a distance then."

Janet smiled, "Patrick really missed his sister. We both had some time off work coming up, so we decided to pay Lisa and Charles a visit, see how they were making out with their new lives."

"Well that's nice of you. Family is the most important thing in the world after all."

Sam shifted from foot to foot, "I'd invite you in Bonnie, but like Raylene said, Patrick and Charles had a late night."

"Oh that's no problem!" exclaimed Bonnie, "I just came by to say hi. I actually have to be going to work. It was nice to meet you Raylene."

"Nice to meet you to."

"I'll come by some other time when you're not so busy Lisa. We'll do coffee."

Sam smiled and nodded. Bonnie waved and backed down the steps. Sam closed the door and turned to Janet. Janet shrugged, "She seems nice."

Sam nodded, "She is. She lives in a strange neighbourhood, but I think she's normal."

"Seems fairly normal to me. Where does she work, do you know?"

"Ah, I think she might have said that she was a teller at the bank."

"She seems perky enough to be a teller. I was thinking that maybe she was a waitress."

"I'm pretty sure she said she worked at the bank."

"Can you take me to the park where you said you saw that dog?" Janet asked, looking hopeful.

"Yeah sure. I think we'd better just check on the guys before we leave. Make sure they haven't passed out in their cornflakes or anything."


"This is the place." Sam said, looking at the empty pool and the run down change house.

"So the dog was in the bushes?"

Sam nodded, "It was in the bushes and it jumped out at us."

Janet pulled through the bushes for a while before finding nothing and standing up again. She went over to the change house and pulled at the door. "Must be locked." she said.

"You said that there's no children in this neighbourhood?"

"That's what Bonnie told me."

"Strange. There is so rarely a neighbourhood anywhere with no children. Especially one like this that appears to be custom made for families. Why else would there be a playground?"

"Fun for the old folks?" Sam said wryly.

"I think the slide might be a little rough on the catheter."

Janet pulled at the change house door again, this time kicking it a bit for good measure. Sam joined in and gave it a half-hearted kick.

"Well, I don't see anything around here that resembles Goa'uld larvae." Janet said, "Guess we should just go home. Unless you wanted to have a go on the tire swing?"

"Thanks, but I think I'll pass." Sam replied.

Sam and Janet began heading back across the grass. Once they reached the road, the change house door opened a crack and a nose appeared from behind it.

The man in the change house wondered which one of the women had the nerve to actually bang on the door. He decided that it have been the little one. The little ones were always the feisty ones. He knew that they were looking for what he had. They knew more than it was anticipated than anyone knew. Apparently his sources had done a poor job of researching the human threat.