There was a knock at the door and seeing as Daniel was the closest to the door, he was elected to answer it. "Just make sure to check through the peep hole before you open the door!" Sam called to him.

Daniel peered through the small hole and then yelled out to the living room, "It's some guy with really, really white teeth. Wow, those have got to be the whitest teeth that I've ever seen."

Jack ran over to the door, "I'll get it." he said, "It's Stan."

Daniel's eyes widened, "As in the Goa'uld?"

"The one and the only. We hope."

Jack swung open the door and Stan greeted him with a hearty howdy. Jack pasted a smile on his face and greeted Stan. "Who's your friend?" Stan asked, looking over Jack's shoulder at Daniel.

"That's Patrick. He's Lisa's brother. He and his wife are visiting for a few days."

"Ah, I thought you two had company. I didn't recognize that green car out there."

From behind Jack, Daniel waved. Stan grinned, "I just came over to see if you were interested in baseball, but if you've got company..."

Jack tried to look disappointed, "Yeah, I'm real sorry about that Stan. I know I that promised last week, but this was unexpected. Patrick and Raylene just showed up the other day."

"Or." Stan said suddenly, "Patrick here could join us! We've always got room for another guy on the team!"

Daniel adjusted his glasses, "Oh well, actually, I don't really play. Sports aren't exactly my thing."

Stan shrugged, "Neither does Charles! I think he caught maybe one ball the entire game."

Jack and Daniel looked at each other as if silently communicating. Jack shrugged. Daniel shrugged back. "Sure, we'll come play." Jack said finally.

"Ya'll can ride with me." Stan said. "No point in using more gas than we have to! You gonna be up for a beer afterward?"

"A beer?" Daniel looked frightened.

"We always head over to Mooney's pub after the game." Jack said. "You don't have to come, I'm sure Stan would give you a lift back here."

"Oh no, it's alright. I'll come with you." Daniel said, hoping that his stomach was up for beer.

"We'll just grab our jackets and then we'll meet you over at your car, okay?"

Stan nodded, "The guys will be so happy to have another player."

Jack watched Stan walk down the steps and then closed the door. "Why are we doing this?" Daniel asked.

"Because, it's part of the mission." Jack replied. "We're supposed to be getting to know Stan."

"If you say so."

"I do."


Daniel and Jack went off with Stan. Sam watched them fold up into the car and drive off down the road. Janet was sitting in the rocking chair that Sam had purchased from an antique mall and was slowly rocking back and forth.

"Last time Jack went out with him, he didn't come home until early in the morning and he was drunk. He had a hang over the next morning. Jack thought that Stan had somehow put something in his drink."

Janet stopped rocking and stood up. "If that happens again." she said, "I'll be able to test his blood, see whether he was drugged or not."

"You think that Stan could have drugged him?"

"It's not like the Colonel to get drunk. He can drink like a fish. There are plenty of drugs that someone could slipped him."

Sam ran a hand through her hair. "Stan just gives me the creeps and it's not only because he's Goa'uld."

"Yeah I know what you mean." Janet said as she looked for the remote control. "Have you seen the remote?"

Sam shrugged. "No, I haven't. It seems to regularly disappear. I think Jack carries it off somewhere."

Janet stuck a hand under the cushions on the couch and felt around. "Nope, it's not here." she said looking at her hands, "But you do have melted chocolate or something stuck under the middle cushion."

Sam sighed, "I told Jack not to eat on the couch! I'd better do something about that before he spills something on this side and decides to turn the cushion over."


Daniel stood at the plate, with the bat held awkwardly in his hands. The pitcher stared at him, trying to gauge whether or not Daniel was ready to hit the ball. Daniel shifted the bat in his hands and moved his feet farther apart. The pitcher wound up and threw the ball hard and fast towards Daniel.

Daniel screamed and ducked. The ball hit the fence behind him, making a hard clanging noise. Several gales of laughter followed. The bat had been thrown several feet away from Daniel and he bent to retrieve it, feeling slightly embarrassed. Daniel hadn't been kidding when he'd said that sports weren't his thing.

Jack was standing out in left field, aimlessly picking at the laces on his glove. The sky had clouded over again and Jack decided that rain must be a required element for these games. At least if another storm came up, the game would end.

"Okay Patrick, let's try this again!" the man who's name may or may not be Jim called. "When the ball comes towards you, you swing the bat and hit it!"

Daniel pushed up his glasses and got himself into position. Jack almost felt sorry Daniel. Almost. He was the very picture of the classic geek.

"You can do it Patrick!" Jack yelled, hoping that his voice could be heard over the wind that was picking up.

The pitcher threw the ball, not quite as hard this time. Daniel took a half-hearted swing at it and then watched as it rolled behind him. The ump picked the ball up and threw it back to the pitcher. "Strike one!"

The wind ruffled Daniel's hair and caused his jacket sleeves to flutter. The pitcher threw the ball and this time Daniel watched as it sailed away to his right. "Wind must have caught that one!" the ump called.

Eventually Daniel struck out and he grateful set the bat down and went to sit down on the bench. The other guys who were sitting down thumped him on the back and told him that he made a good try. Daniel looked up the sky as he noticed a drop of moisture fall onto his glasses. Some of the other guys were also looking up.

"It's starting to rain!" Ray called. "Should we keep playing?"

"We keep playing until the lightning comes!" someone called back.

The game continued for a few more minutes before the low rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. "Storm's moving in!" Stan called. "Everyone help grab the equipment!"

Jack felt relieved as he headed towards Daniel. Daniel was futilely trying to wipe his glasses off on his sleeve. "That was not fun, Charles." Daniel said grumpily.

"Hey, it's not my fault that you screamed when the ball came towards you." Jack replied, snickering.

"And now we get to go to a pub."

Jack nodded. The two of them had reached Stan's car and threw their gloves in the back. Stan hopped into the driver's seat and unlocked the other doors. Jack got in the front and Daniel squeezed into the back. He purposefully dug his knees into the back of Jack's seat.

"You smoke Patrick?" Stan asked, looking in the rearview mirror.

Daniel shook his head, "No."

Jack idly wondered why Stan was so curious about whether or not people smoked but then that thought quickly flew out of his mind as Stan started the old car and they drove to the pub.


Sam awoke the next morning and felt the bed moving. The springs creaked a bit and weight was lifted off of it. Opening her eyes, Sam saw Janet standing over her. Sam was a bit curious to know why Janet had been in bed with her but didn't know if she really wanted to know.

"Good morning." Janet said with false cheer. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah actually I did." Sam said, stretching her back.

"I'm glad that someone did. You snore, did you know that?"

"Why were you sleeping with me in the first place?"

"I was sleeping in my own room, but then at some ungodly hour of the morning, Daniel came home and threw himself on the bed. I think he bruised my arm." Janet held out her arm for inspection. There was indeed a slight bruise on it.

"I was going to sleep in the living room because Daniel smelled so terrible." Janet continued, "But Colonel O'Neill was passed out on the couch. That left here, with you. You sound like a rusty chainsaw."

Sam wasn't sure whether or not take offence at that but nodded sympathetically at Janet. "Are you going to test their blood?"

A slight smile played across Janet's lips, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna test their blood."

"Nicely Janet. Test their blood nicely. That means no using the biggest needle you can find and no just jamming it in."

Janet ran a hand through her tousled hair, "I'm a doctor Sam, I don't usually hurt my patients on purpose."

Sam threw the covers back and got up from the bed. She grabbed some clothes from the drawers, "I'm going to take a shower." she said. "Why don't you get some coffee going?"

Janet watched Sam's retreating form and rubbed her eyes. She had a headache, and it was only 8:30. Deciding that she needed to get dressed, Janet headed for her room and hoped that Daniel was still unconscious. She pushed the door open a crack and peered in. Daniel was sprawled out on his back, his snores rivalling those of Sam's.

The floor creaked softly as Janet tip-toed in. Daniel moved slightly but didn't wake up. Janet noticed a trickle of drool running down his cheek. Oh, she thought, now that's real charming Doctor Jackson. Her suitcase was lying on the floor, thankfully unzipped. Janet crept over to it and began pulling out her clothes.

Janet decided against changing in the same room as Daniel and deciding that changing in Sam's room was a better idea. She was in the shower, and even if she weren't, it wouldn't matter. Closing the door, Janet threw the clothes on the bed. She pulled her nightgown over her head and tossed it onto the floor. Through the wall she could hear Sam singing tunelessly in the shower. Janet cringed.

Meanwhile, Jack had woken up on the couch with a pounding headache. His knees, back, shoulders, wrists, ankles and pretty much every other part of his body protested as he tried to stand up. Jack wondered if Daniel was doing any better than he was. He could hear water running in the bathroom and groaned. Getting to the precious Advil would be impossible if the person showering had locked the door.

His ankles cracked as Jack made his way down the hall towards the bathroom. He tried the bathroom door and found it locked. His head was throbbing, making his eyes hurt. He knew that Sam kept a small bottle of pain killers in her purse and he thought about where her purse might be. It was probably in their room, but that door was closed too.

Jack rubbed his eyes and decided that it must be Sam in the bedroom and Janet in the shower. No problem, he thought, I'll just go into the room and ask Sam to give me some of that stuff from her purse.

It really was unfortunate the bedroom doors don't have locks on them. Janet watched in horror as the knob on the door began to turn. She frantically reached around the bed, searching for her bra. The door opened and Jack limped into the room.

"Sam..." he started and then looked at Janet.

Janet screamed and grabbed the sheet from the bed and tried to wrap it around her top. "Don't you ever knock!?" she yelled at Jack.

Jack stared at Janet, "Why are you in here?"

"I'm getting dressed, do you mind?"

Jack felt his headache getting worse, Janet's scream had done nothing but aggravate it. He backed out of the room, his mind not quite comprehending what he had seen. He shut the door behind him and went back to the couch. The room seemed to be spinning and Jack watched as the couch grew closer and closer.


"Was that you I heard scream?" Sam asked Janet once she had emerged from the bathroom.

"Yes. Your dearly beloved decided to walk in on me without knocking."

Sam fought to keep a straight face, clearly Janet was not amused. "Were you naked?"

"I had pants on, but nothing on top."

"Oh well, that's not so bad then."

"I think he was looking for you." Janet said, "Does he always walk in without asking?"

Sam shook her head, "No he's usually pretty good about knocking. Maybe he's too hung over to think straight."

"He did look a little out of it." Janet said.

"Or he could have been trying to get me back for the vacuum cleaner..." Sam's voice trailed off.

Janet looked curiously at her friend, "What exactly happened with the vacuum cleaner? That's the second time you've mentioned it."

"Oh, it's nothing really." Sam said, trying to brush it off.

"Nothing really? Come on Sam, I promise I won't tell anyone else."

Sam sighed and proceeded to tell Janet the story. Janet burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that she fell down on the bed. "You sucked...up..his towel?!?" she said in between bursts of laughter.

"That's not the worst part." Sam said. "My friend Bonnie was standing the front yard watching it all."

Janet kept laughing and Sam wondered if she'd need to call 911. Sam tugged on Janet's shirt, "Come on Janet." she said, "It's not that funny and besides, we'd better see what our guys are up to."

Janet stood up, struggling to keep a straight face everytime to looked at Sam. The two walked down the hall and into the living room. Janet quickly sobered up when she saw Jack slumped over on the couch. She ran up to him and assessed him, checking his airway and pulse.

"His breathing and pulse are both strong." Janet said, feeling relieved, "I think he's just unconscious."

"Can we wake him up?" Sam asked.

"Probably." Janet replied, "But I'm going to get my equipment. Knowing the Colonel it might be easier to draw blood while he's like this. I'll check on Daniel while I'm in the room."

Sam nodded and sat down in the chair across the couch. Jack's neck was bent at an awkward angle, Sam didn't envy the cramp he'd have in it when he woke up. A few minutes later Janet came back with a black bag in hand. "Daniel's in pretty much the same state." she reported. "I shook him a few times, he stirred but didn't wake up."

Janet took a needle from the bag and prepped it to draw blood. She went over to Jack, swabbed his arm and then went ahead with the procedure. Sam winced as the needle pierced the skin. Jack didn't even move. "I got a sample from Daniel while I was in there." Janet said, as she withdrew the needle. "It shouldn't take more than a few hours to get the results of the tox screen."

"What are you expecting to find?" Sam asked.

Janet shook her head, "I wish I knew."


The day had broken clear and sunny, the storm of the previous evening nothing but a faint memory. Sam sat outside on the deck sipping at a strawberry-banana smoothie. Janet was inside running her tests and the guys were still zonked out. Sam had been a little concerned about their health, but Janet had assured her that they were fine. They were simply sleeping off the effects of the alcohol or whatever drug had been used to poison them.

A small brown bird landed on the railing about three feet away from Sam. It hopped around, occasionally pecking at something. Sam watched the tiny bird, marvelling at how something so small could exist. She'd been meaning to get a bird feeder set up out here. A hummingbird feeder would be especially nice. Sam adored hummingbirds.

The door slid open and Janet stepped outside, a glass in her hand. "Thanks for making me one too." Janet said.

Sam nodded, "No problem. Did you get the tests done?"

"I've got them running. I won't know the results for at least another thirty minutes. It's so nice out today."

"It's not too humid for a change."

"Ah, that must be it. I hate feeling sticky all day."

Janet had scared the bird away when she came out, but now the bird was back, pecking at the rail again. "You must have something tasty on your railing." Janet said to Sam, gesturing towards the bird.

"Probably a rotten spot there or something. I'd imagine that it would be full of small insects."

"You mentioned something about a Bonnie earlier today." Janet said. "Who is she?"

"She lives down the street. She shows up occasionally. I'm actually surprised that she hasn't come over to meet you."

"She knew we were coming?"

"I told her that we were expecting company."

"I heard the Colonel tell Stan last night that you weren't expecting us."

Sam shrugged, "I doubt that those two are going to be comparing stories."

Janet waved a few flies away from her face, "There's sure a lot of flies out today."

"I think I ate one earlier."

"Well that's lovely. Is there always so many out?"

"Not usually. Maybe something else died." Sam said.

"You get a lot of dead animals?"

"There was a dead cat in the house when we moved in and then there was that squirrel that you saw when you arrived."

Janet stood up and went over to the railing. She looked over and down onto the grass. "Uh Sam? Have you looked down here yet today?"

"No, why?"

"Because I think you have another casualty."

Sam groaned and stood up. "Oh my God." she said, looking over the railing. "I know that dog!"

Sam went into the house and grabbed a garbage bag and latex gloves. Then she and Janet went down to the yard and Janet gave the dog a cursory examination. "It looks like it may have starved to death. You said you know this dog?"

Sam nodded, "Yes, Jack and I saw it when we were at a park just a couple of blocks away from here. It wasn't very friendly, but it did want to play fetch. We knew that it was probably sick, but there was no way that we could take it home with us."

Janet stood up and started walking towards the steps. "Where are you going?" Sam asked.

"I'm going to draw some blood from this dog. I want to know why it died."

"You said that it probably starved to death."

"Look around Sam." Janet said. "What do you see? Birds, squirrels, insects. I don't know how this dog could have starved."

Sam sat next to the dog and stroked the fur on its head. The poor dog didn't deserve to die anymore than that cat or the squirrel had. Things were getting very strange indeed.