The Captain Always Goes Down

Contains spoilers for "Fail Safe"
Author's Notes: This poem will only make sense if you've seen "Fail Safe" I have no will power, so I downloaded it rather than wait for it to air on Canadian television! It's written with the scene featuring General Hammond alone in the control room in mind. It struck me as being extremely sad and I felt compelled to write something about it. A story wouldn't have expressed the emotions sufficiently, so I chose poetry instead.

The last team gone
Alone now, in the dark
The ghosts of them are still here
Echoing off the walls

Pain is etched on his features
This is his job
He knows it
He must wait for the end, alone

Darkness prevails
Filling his thoughts
Seeping into the corners of his mind
But he will not cry

He thinks of his granddaughters
Unaware of the approaching end
This burden that he carries with him
Will soon be gone

He will not leave
Overcome with grief
He knows
The Captain always goes down with the ship

(c)2001 Kathleen Brackett