"Just So Long As It Doesn't Involve Flotter"

Author: Kathleen O'Clare katieo_clare@yahoo.ca
Disclaimer: : Star Trek: Voyager™© and all characters invovled with it are the registered trademark and sole property of Paramount Pictures. This story is non-commercial and for enjoyment only. No copyright infringement is intended.
Rating: G
Notes: Contains spoilers for seventh seasons episodes, in particular, Lineage.

I glance over at Chakotay, who meets my eyes with a glance of his own. "Want to break out the last of that Antarian cider now?", I say with a smile playing on my lips.

He snorts, such a charming response. "Feeling a little old Kathryn?"

I lean my head back on the couch, "No, not old. Maybe just a little wistful."

He nods, I can sense that he understood my statement. He offers me a brief grin before standing up and walking over to the window. I often find myself staring out at space, the all consuming void, littered with brilliant stars; we both find it soothing. After a moment of silent debate, I join him.

"Did you know that Tom and B'Elanna chose the Doctor to be the godfather?", he said without looking at me.

"Interesting choice", I say, not quite sure of what he wanted to hear.

"The man doesn't even have a name, and they want him to possibly raise their child? If you had to choose a person to be a godparent to your child, who would you choose?"

"Theoretically speaking?" He nods.

"Well," I begin slowly, trying to choose my words carefully, "I supoose that you would be my first choice. After that, I guess Tom and B'Elanna or Samantha Wildman."

"B'Elanna says that I know less about kids than Harry."

I shrug, "Doesn't matter to me. People can learn, most of them anyway."

Chakotay offers me a flash of his dimples and then sighs, "You'd probably be better off choosing Tom and B'Elanna or Sam, B'Elanna's right. Seven of Nine would probably even be a better choice."

I grimace a bit at his last sentence, "Chakotay, listen to me carefully. I would not want 'irrelevant' and 'inefficient' to become prominent words in my child's vocubulary!"

Chakatoy's shoulders drooped, "I guess I just feel a little insulted that they chose photons and force fields over flesh and blood."

It's my turn to sigh, "I am not getting into the hologram versus reality debate with you again."

"Good, because I don't want to."

We were silent for a moment; myself recalling the incident with the ship of sentient holograms created by the Hirogens and Michael Sullivan and all the citizens of Fair Haven.

"I could use some coffee," I say finally, "you want some?"

As expected, Chakotay shook his head and added his obligatory remark that I drink far too much of the stuff. I made for the replicator and gave it the only order that it didn't destroy on a regular basis, "Coffee, black"

Chakotay yawned and then gave me a small embarrassed smile, "It's getting late, I should go. Thank you for dinner..and everything Kathryn."

"Same time next week?"

He nodded and started for the door.

"Oh Chakotay, I can arrange for you to spend some time with Naomi, you know, to get some practice with children."

He turned around and said with a wry smile, "Just so long as it doesn't involve Flotter."