Welcome to my fanfics! I haven't written very many but I do try to write when I have the time. Pssst, if you wanna read some of my X-Files fanfics go here: http://foxluvsdana.tripod.com/

Email moi, tell me what you think! sam_loves_jack@yahoo.ca OR katieo_clare@yahoo.ca

Hmmm..oh yeah, one more thing, if (and that's a big if) you do read most of my fanfic and notice I seem to have different names, that's just me being weird. I write as Kathleen Perry for Friends fanfics (anyone interested, go to Friends Canada) Kathleen Anderson for X-Files and Stargate and as Kathleen O'Clare for Voyager.


Mo Gradh This was my first attempt at writing Stargate fanfic!

A Walk, A Talk, A Decision The sequel to Mo Gradh

Shopping For Sam This is supposed to be bad! Honestly!

The Act of Fishing A short fic based on Sam's refusal to go fishing with Jack in "The Curse"

Finding the Christmas Spirit The obligatory Christmas story :)

Since I know that some fans of Stargate are also fans of Star Trek Voyager, I will put up the stories I have written for that show as well :)

Apple Pie in San Francisco A coda of sorts to "Inside Man" from Harry's POV

How Do You Say Goodbye Saying goodbye to a dear friend

Just So Long As It Doesn't Involve Flotter Set after "Lineage", Janeway and Chakotay talk

The Captain's Banana Kinda silly, I was bored!

What the Hell? My first Voyager fic *ahem*

I was looking through my filemanager thingie and found some pages where I had put up some rather sad attempts at making collages, so I figured I'd stick 'em up on here too! The more the merrier!

X-Files Collages
Star Trek Voyager collages
Stargate SG-1 Collages
Rankin Family Collages
Misc Collages