Jack pulled on the knob again, just for good measure. He wasn't surprised that they'd found themselves locked in. After the visit with Janet, all four had been led away from the isolation rooms and put into a small office, where they were told to wait for someone to come explain the situation to them.

"Hello?" Jack said to the invisible listeners. "Listen folks. We're all having a really great time in here, but there seems to have been a misunderstanding. You see, we're locked in!"

Daniel had sat back down on a chair and was looking contemplative. "What if." he had started to say before Jack interrupted him. Now that Jack appeared to be silent again, Daniel continued. "What if Janet wasn't really infected by any virus, what if this Doctor Malysh is just saying that?"

Sam shrugged. "That doesn't change the fact that she's locked up there and we're locked up here. And if she has been exposed, I don't want to risk infection of anyone else. It's a tough call."

Jack was glaring at the ceiling where a small microphone was located. "Do you suppose they have us on video too?" he asked. Jack waved a hand around.

"We need to find out for sure if Janet was really exposed to Ebola." Daniel said, thinking out loud. "Once we know that, then we can plan the next logical course of action."

"Which would be what?" Jack asked. "Getting the hell outta here?"

"That's not exactly how I would put it, but yes." Daniel replied.

Everyone in the room froze as the sound of a door being unlocked was heard. The door slowly opened and a woman stepped in. Sam gasped as she caught sight of her face.

"Oh my God, Bonnie!" Sam exclaimed.

Bonnie gave Sam a weak smile, "Hi." she said.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked, instantly suspicious.

"You two," Bonnie said, glancing at Sam and Jack. "Weren't the only ones lying about your identity."


"Doctor Fraiser? Are you awake?" asked the disembodied voice.

Janet moved slightly and mumbled something about injecting epi and charging the paddles.

"Doctor Fraiser, I need you to wake up now."

Janet rubbed her eyes. "I'm awake." she said.

"That's good." the voice said and the lights in her room came on. Janet blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the change in brightness. "You're going to get a visitor soon Doctor." the voice continued.

"Is Colonel O'Neill and his team still here?" Janet asked.

"No, I'm sorry Doctor. They were called away on urgent business."

"Who is my visitor then?"

"We have detected a rise in your temperature Doctor Fraiser and we are concerned about the possibility of an infection. Someone will be in shortly to administer antibiotics. We can't have your immune system compromised now, can we Doctor?"

"What time is it?" Janet asked. She'd fallen asleep shortly after Sam had left her room and didn't feel as though she'd slept for more than a few hours.

"It's shortly after 2300 hours. I'm sorry to have woken you."

Janet shrugged. "I'm a doctor, I'm used to being woken up."


Sam looked at Bonnie, if that was indeed her name, through narrowed eyes. "Who are you really?" she asked.

"My name is Bonnie Yergeau, I was sent by the government to keep tabs on Stan."

"You knew he was an alien." Sam said.

"Yes, I knew." Bonnie said with a nod. "My mission was to monitor him and make sure that he didn't become a problem."

"A problem? How?" Jack asked.

"I had to make sure that he didn't interfere with our alliance with the Others."

"You knew?" Sam gasped. "You knew about their plans and you didn't do anything to stop them?" Sam was horrified.

"I'm not proud of what I did." Bonnie said. "I know it's hard for you to understand, but we had our reasons, none of which seem valid to me any longer."

"So you knew about these other aliens, who currently have plans to take over our animals with Goa'uld symbiotes and possibly the rest of the human population and you thought this was a good idea?" Jack asked incredulously.

"Uhm guys." said Daniel from his perch on a chair. "I don't mean to sound nit-picky here or anything, but is it really a good idea to be discussing this when we know the room is bugged?"

Bonnie looked at Daniel. "Don't worry about it, I shut them down before I came here."

"So, you're in charge here?" Sam asked.

"In a manner of speaking, yes." Bonnie replied. "I didn't mean to get you into this mess, I apologize. Meeting you and 'Charles' made me re-evaluate my position."

"Well, I'm glad that we could help." Jack said sarcastically. "But if you really want to help us, maybe you spring us out of here?"

"It's not as simple as that." Bonnie replied. "This whole facility is run by aliens and humans working with them. I'm afraid that there aren't many others who support my views."

""What about Janet?" Daniel asked. "Is she really infected with the Ebola virus?"

Bonnie shook her head. "No, she's not. We just needed to lock her away, she knew too much. The same goes for you four. But if we're going to get her out, we need to do it soon."

"Is she in trouble?" Daniel asked.

"You could say that. She's going to be injected with the actual Ebola virus in," Bonnie checked her watch. "15 minutes, under the pretence of it being an antibiotic shot to ward off an infection."

Sam's eyes widened in horror. "We've got to get her out of there!"

"Hold up." Jack said. "Why inject her with some horrible virus that will take several days to kill her? Why not just slit her throat or something?"

"I think I can answer that question sir." Sam said. "Just before Stan died, he told me that it goes against their religion to outright kill others. That's why they gave Stan that virus."

"But couldn't they have a human kill her, and us, for them?"

Bonnie shook her head. "It doesn't work like that for them. They are completely against cold blooded murder. They won't allow it take place in their presence."

Daniel looked enthralled by that concept but shook it off and stood up. "You have to help us." he said, staring at Bonnie.


Janet heard the now familiar clanging that meant she was going to either receive a visitor or food. She sat quietly on her bed wondering if what Doctor Malysh had said was true, if Sam, Jack, Daniel and Teal'c had really left.

The handle on the door turned and a white suited figure entered. In its, Janet couldn't tell if it was male or female, hand was a syringe and an unmarked glass vial.

The figure approached her and Janet shrank back into the bed towards the wall. The figure stopped in front of her and put the needle into the vial. It pulled the plunger back and the syringe filled with a clear liquid.

"Doctor Haystrom!" said the speaker suddenly.

The figure, who apparently was Doctor Haystrom, froze and Janet imagined they scowled. Carefully placing the empty vial on the bed, it hit on a button on the comm panel.

"This is Haystrom." he said. Janet recognized the voice as being masculine.

"You must report to Doctor Malysh's office at once!"

"Can it wait, I'm administering the antibiotics to Doctor Fraiser."

"You can do that later." said the female voice through the speaker. "I need to see you in Malysh's office, NOW!"

Haystrom's hood bobbed and he flicked a different button on his comm panel. "Doctor Fraiser, I will return." he said and left, with the syringe in hand.

After the door closed, Janet reached for the glass vial and examined it. There was but a trace of its contents left and there was no apparent markings on the glass. Janet threw it across the room, but it landed in her sink and didn't break.


"Do you suppose she's done it yet?" Daniel asked, anxious to carry out the rest of the plan. Bonnie had gone to try and stop the injection that was going to be given to Janet. SG-1 was to give her five minutes and then to go in and hopefully grab Janet.

Jack checked his watch. "We still have 30 seconds." he said and watched the countdown.

"Okay." he said finally and nodded. Sam and Jack moved quickly to one side of the corridor and Daniel and Teal'c moved to the other. Jack made a few hand gestures and once he was sure that everyone was clear on their orders, they began to move.

Daniel and Teal'c disappeared down a darkened corridor to keep watch, and Sam and Jack began to move slowly towards the room that they held Janet.

"You sure this is the way?" Jack whispered.

"Of course I'm sure!" Sam whispered back. "Keep walking!"

They approached an intersection of the corridors and Jack peered around the edge. "Is it clear?" Sam asked.

Jack turned to face her and drew a hand across his throat. "Someone's coming!" he said as quietly as possible.

Sam heard the footsteps approaching them and glanced around frantically for a place to hide. Turning to her last resort, she grabbed Jack and began to kiss him.

Jack struggled a bit, immediately trying to pull away from her, but then realized what she was doing.

"Hey, you two!" said a male voice. "You know the rules! No fraternization while on the base!"

Sam stopped kissing Jack and looked at the man over Jack's shoulder. "Sorry." she said before quickly moving around Jack and swinging a fist at the man. He didn't know what had hit him and dropped to the floor without any resistance.

Jack stood looking somewhat stunned. "I must have taken a different Air Force training course." he muttered.

"Come on, let's go!" Sam said and continued down the hall.


Janet stood in front of the mirror in her small room and contemplated her reflection. She looked exhausted, even more so than she had during her medical training. She put a hand on her forehead, it didn't feel warm to her.

It had occurred Janet a while ago, that what Doctor Malysh had told her might not be true. She had no way of knowing whether he had actually found Ebola in Stan's body. She wasn't even sure who Doctor Malysh really was, but she'd bet her life that if she called the CDC, they'd tell her that there was no Doctor Malysh on staff.

She ran a little water and splashed it on her face. It didn't do much to revive her, what she really needed was a nice, long, hot shower, with plenty of body wash and a loofah scrub. Well, okay maybe she could do without the loofah, but it would be nice.

Janet held her breath as she heard the clanging again. She reached for the towel that was hanging off a small hook and wiped her face with it. The doorknob turned and a familiar blonde head appeared around the door.

"Sam!" Janet said, instantly happy to see her friend and at the same time alarmed that she wasn't wearing a suit.

Sam entered the room, followed by Jack who held the door open.

"Janet, we have to leave!" Sam said, her voice urgent. "You aren't contaminated, so don't worry."

"But..." Janet said, looking slightly befuddled.

"It's a long story and I'm sure someone will be happy to fill you later." Jack said. "But right now, we really have to leave!"

Janet threw the towel down and followed the two out the door.