Title: Apple Pie In San Francisco
Author: Kathleen O'Clare
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters are property of Paramount and Viacom. Only Harry's thoughts are mine.
Summary: Harry's thoughts after the season 7 episode, "Inside Man"

I don't think anyone quite understands how lonely I am. Tom, he could never understand the complicated significance of apple pie in San Francisco. He's not lonely. He's got her. They're my best, my only real friends. It makes me happy to see them together, I know they've both had pretty rough lives. But, and there's always a but, I'm jealous.

How did he, the classic womanizer, take one angry half Klingon who hated him with a passion, and turn her into his wife? How did they go from sparring matches to playful wrestling? He really should write a program based on his techniques; "Go From Punching Bag to Boy Toy In Under Four Years!", by Thomas Eugene Paris. I'm sure it would be quite popular. Of course she would probably have to kill him if he did that.

Maybe it's my name? Harry. Does a girl really want a Harry? Maybe it's because I'm the eternal ensign. But no, she stayed with Tom even after the captain demoted him to ensign. I'm not saying that I want her, B'Elanna Torres, or anything. I mean, she's great but a little too fiesty and complicated for me. Besides, she'll probably be thrown in prison when we get home, along with Commander Chakotay and the other members of the Maquis crew.

When we get home...none that, "If we get home" crap that Tom always says. Sometimes I think he doesn't want to go home. I think he's happy with his life on Voyager with B'Elanna. He doesn't have to deal with his father, Admiral Paris, here either. Though I really don't know why Tom dislikes his father very much, but then again, I don't know him. I have to admit that I'll miss the cozy, familial atmosphere we have here, but there's no place like home.